New Fancy Link!

Are you bored during lockdown?

Do you want a bit of mindless escapism in these crazy times?

Can you spare 77p?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then why not check out my debut novel! Now available on Kindle Store! Just click the link below for a free preview! My ego thanks you for it!

4 thoughts on “New Fancy Link!

  1. Oh wow! Congrats fella! Hold yourself in quite high esteem there on the bookcase! Hehe. That’s great work. Where else can I pick up the book? I don’t use Amazon, Jeff Bezos is part of the capitalist mafia. I can’t bring myself to line his pockets sorry.

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    1. Ha ha. I feel ya on that. But its a free format so they have exclusivity on the book rights for the first year I think. I think its available on Goodreads, but thats an Amazon affiliate too. Alternatively I still have the book available to read on my Wattpad profile, which is linked either in my Novel or FanFiction pages of the blog. Its just a bit if vanity publishing, but why not eh?


    1. The sequel is deep into the planning stage but Im hoping to get it out within the first half of 2021. Really appreciate you reading and glad you enjoyed it 👍👍👍


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