New Site Design!!

Hey guys! Bonjour, Bienvenue and Bore Da! (that last one is Welsh for ‘good-day’, by the way 🙂 )

How are you guys doing? It’s Friday, thank bejezeus, and, as Bob Ross would say, “it’s a great day here and I hope it is wherever you’re at”. It’s actually a grey, miserable sort of day, but it’s also around 5pm, so socially reasonable to crack open a homebrew. Cheers.

Homebrew Babay!

Looks a banging drop, doesn’t it? The last few pints of my Christmas stout. I’ll miss it when it’s gone. I stole that glass from Jubljiana, Slovenia on a holiday a few years back. I’m a Master Glass swiper, if I do say so myself. I have hundreds at this point. If I ever get my arse in gear I will get back to the series of Home Brewing articles I started. Honestly, I’m flakier than an albino in the sun with psoriasis. I can only apologise for that. I can change, I can change (Saddaam from South Park-style)…but I probably wont.

But I am trying. I’ve spent pretty much the most of my day faffing around with my website to make it all look a bit prettier and more cohesive. And I’m getting there…slowly. It’s been quite the education, slaving away through all the user guides and bouncing back and fore between all the menus, but I think I’ve made progress.

And that’s more than I can say for most days.

Not that I want to get all morose today. I have a beer, I feel like I’ve achieved something positive and I’m quite pleased. I need to inject some positivity as the job scene continues to defy me. Though I almost had a bizarre situation develop on that front.

I applied for a job in a supermarket. I thought my background in Pub Management would serve me well in retail (it didn’t, but I think I overthought the silly online test…once a manager, always a manager see). But the bizarre part was that the store I applied for currently employs my sister. My younger sister. The job may even have been on her department…meaning she would have been my Boss.

Yep, I’d pretty much hit rock bottom, throwing myself into that nightmare!

I jest. My sister and I are close. That said, she’s stubborn and strict and she’d love nothing more than to tell me off for stacking shelves wrongly. I broke out in a cold sweat just filling out the application. Literally, she’d lord every single little mistake over me for the rest of my natural life. And beyond that, too, no doubt.

But I needn’t have worried…apparently even the complexities of stacking tinned beans is beyond me! Say it with me now…fuck my life!

Apologies for my swearing. I’m just in a jolly mood and I swear more when I’m happy. Which is all kinds of wrong in most people’s books. Probably in mine, too.

Speaking of books – or at least of writing – that’s what I’ve spent much of my site redesign-day doing. My plan is to migrate all my stories (Harry Potter fan fiction and whenever-produced original fiction) onto my site and away from any trolls who might want to stalk me. It will take a while, but a few are already up. If anyone wants to read more of my lustrous words click here for a sample.

I’ve also been organising my previous posts into the right categories and generally tidying up this mess of a site. Hey, its art imitating life, isn’t it? My life is a bit chaotic, the site can’t be expected to be anything less, really. I’m not sure if it is actually more accessible than before, but I’m still learning so this is very much a work in progress.

So, I will have another post up soon about my day as a blacksmith, and there may even be some light at the end of the job tunnel, as a Management development programme with a local pub chain offers promise, so that will be something to chart if I finally break my rejection cycle.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and here’s to having some happy little accidents 🙂

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