Great Reviews!

So, one of my WIP stories was updated and the reviews for it have been pretty outstanding, as has been in keeping with the response to the story so far. The lady who posted this particular review is one of my biggest supporters and always says the most gushing things.

And this is why fan fiction is so effing addictive.

I have had over 45k reads on this story on FFnet, which is pretty decent going. Over 500 direct followers, 211 reviews. It’s all good. But I have a core of about half a dozen who review every chapter with incredible compliments, and follow that up by posting messages in the facebook group I’m part of. I feel very lucky to have this hardy little band following my work. I know I’ll sell at least 13 copies of any original fiction story I get published.

I just have to finish one first!

The link to this story can be found in my fan fiction section

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