Introducing MiMi

Meet Mimi. She’s my surrogate kitty. Not sure who she belongs to but as the sun has come out over South Wales again today she’s decided to keep me company as I crack on with some writing in the garden.

We didn’t have the best of starts in our relationship, Mimi and I. She is seriously the most timid cat I’ve ever seen. But she’s so cute, and I was determined. A few piles of gourmet ham later and a few smoothes and now we’re besties. I still think she wants ham rather that a scratch on her ears but bribing for affection is what I do best.

Honestly, the amount of money I spent of sweets for old staff to get them onside was totally ridiculous. Tesco and Sainsburys must be wondering what the hell has happened to their sweetie sales since I quit my job. My burgeoning diabetes keeps asking me the same question. FEED ME! Thankfully I still have a girlfriend who has quite an affinity for sweets…especially if she can steal them from me. I can’t blame her, stuff just tastes better when its nicked, doesn’t it?

But its been officially seven days unemployed. I’m not panicking yet. But it is enlightening to see how many pub jobs are in the company I just quit. Limits the market but I’m not giving up hope on never returning behind a bar again. By the end of the week I intend to have at least two stories to send to competitions, and I’m keen to build a tidy portfolio of published works. It’d be nice to hit double figures by Christmas so hashtag goals I guess.

But, I digress, there’s sun to be had and a whining kitty that wants my attention. Adios.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the feature image, well, its not often you see three planes racing in the sky. I like my pilots to do that, too! Maybe they’re just trying to get their chemtrails out…or maybe that’s a topic for another post!

3 thoughts on “Introducing MiMi

  1. Phew! I was worried you were completely barking. Keep up the posts, loved your beer one. Very impressed you’ve quit to chase your dreams, looking forward to reading about your successes.


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