Brew Day!

Wheat Beer with Banana?

So we’re brewing today! Got up nice and early to start cracking away at the mash. Grain bill is pretty simple. 3 kg of standard lager malt, 500g of wheat, malt and 250g of malted oats. The oats give oil to the mash, which should give the brew a nice smoothness as well as that oaty undertone. Then we’ve got the orange peel and Indian coriander seeds for the boil. Experimenting with adding the skin of a couple of bananas too. Had a cracking German Hefeweizen lately that had a lovely bananary note to it. Have a feeling that the banana should probably come from the hops but I don’t have a local supplier to advise so we’re going for actual banana. Maybe I should have mashed the fruit up into the boil? Anyone with any guidance on this feel free to point out my errors. I’m not going for a massive hop kick on this brew so I’ve just gone for a standard 3oz of Columbus to start (60mins) and maybe 1.5oz (10mins) of Citra just for that fruity note at the end. Then I have some Cascade to use up on flame-out so in that’ll go.

As you can see my set up is pretty basic for All Grain. Just a proprietary 10kg mash tun and boiler but it works. I keg and bottle but don’t force carb. The missus wont extend her patience to Co2 cannisters in the house!

A name for this brew? Sam Wheat? Wheat Are You Lookin’ At? You Must Be Bananas? Who knows. Lets see how she turns out first, then we’ll decide if she’s worthy of a name!

One thought on “Brew Day!

  1. The banana flavour you are seeking is a metabolite of the yeast traditionally used for wheat beers. Specifically amyl acetate. I’ve not read on to see how your banana skin beer worked, a little more bitter than you hoped for at a guess? Try Fermentis WB-06 yeast. If you want promenant ester flavours you’ll need to stress the yeast a little. If you message me I could look up a good fermentation temperature and yeast to volume ratio for you.


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