A Fair Success

So I think today was successful, even if I did just try to type’successful’ three times with ‘v’s instead of ‘c’s. Suvvessful. Definition? Maybe successful survival? I survived the day successfully. A suvvessful day. What the hell am I on about?

Anyway, I turned my latest fanfiction chapter from 1700 words to 14600. That’s progress, right? My poor fans have been waiting ten days for an update. I’m such a shitty author. But then I did quit my job. And the pay that came with it. Plausible deniability? I’m onside with that.

But 13k new words is a decent days graft. And I did most of it in the South Wales sun, so I’m well on the way to a temporary ethnicity change. With some Thatchers Haze going down a treat. Banging cider. If you’re of age, treat yourself. If you’re not, for fucks sake enjoy your youth before giving into alcohol addiction. Its too late for most of us, but at least I’m not swigging meths from a brown paper bag just yet.

Maybe I’ll leave that for week 3 of unemployment.

But what did I learn today? I learned that I hate writing Ron Weasley if I’m not harming him in some way. He’s a serious prick when you get into him. Lazy, bigoted, grab-arseing. Its hard to stick with the character without making him commit hari-kari off the nearest cliff. I had to cleanse my fanfic writing soul by writing some pretty Harmony words afterwards. Its sickly sweet, but I give zero fucks by way of apology. Another 15k word chapter…it’ll take all day to edit that. My poor fans.

I have about 1000 at time of writing. That means 1000 email notifications go out to my readers around the globe with each chapter I post. That’s not bad for a blatant act of plagarism. Its all legit, but I’d love to have just half of that number for my original fiction.

Its my own fault. I haven’t written one yet.

Maybe I’ll tackle that in Week 4….

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